Silliest Sophomore- Steen Buchanan

Jolliest Junior- Noah Allegrezza

Sophisticated Senior- Hayes Azlin

Most Athletic- Swayze Hollingsworth and Hunter Sims

Best Personality- Mary Grace Hobart and Hayes Azlin

Most Unpredictable- Ashlee Sluder and Noah Allegrezza

Most Intellectual- Montanna Haley and Hayes Azlin

Cutest- Swayze Hollingsworth and Jarod Satterfield

Wittiest-  Swayze Hollingsworth and Hayes Azlin

Biggest Flirt- Caylee Franks and Judd Cooper

Most School Spirit- Mary Grace Hobart and Hunter Sims

Best Mannered- Braylan Branning and Ethan Allegrezza

Best Dressed- Emma Hobbs and Brandon Hunter

Best All Around- Mary Grace Hobart and Hunter Sims

Most Likely to Succeed- Montanna Haley and Ryan Handly

Mr. and Miss Deer Creek School- Mary Grace Hobart and Hunter Sims