Congratulations to the Who’s Who and Class Favorites for 2022

2021- 2022 Class Favorites:

  • K3-K4: Emma Kate Bilbo and Wayland Webb
  • K5: Aubrey Hathcock and Brewer Pickell
  • 1st: Aria Turner and Ryder Smith
  • 2nd: Layla Simpson and Reed Kirby
  • 3rd: Rylee Gilliland and Hudson Patterson
  • 4th: Emma Redwine and Kayson Martin
  • 5th: Karlie Scarborough and Lawson Smith
  • 6th: Gracie Rainwater and Rhett Wade
  • 7th: Chloe Oakes, Luke Ray, and Watson Williams
  • 8th: Jack Gentry and Katelynn Jones
  • 9th: Mason Smith and Lana Upshur
  • 10th: Easton Lefler and Karmen Lassett
  • 11th: Tripp Brackeen and Willow Upshur
  • 12th: Bransen McCain and Madison Hester


Best Mannered: Clayton Hensley and Lexi Smyly

Most Intellectual: Mac Hamilton and Willow Upshur

Most Unpredictable: Steen Buchanan and Ashlee Sluder

Best Dressed: Reed Farmer and Lana Upshur

Most Athletic: Brayden Smith and Josie Azlin

Cutest: Bo Ray and Willow Upshur

Biggest Flirt: Easton Lefler and Ashlee Sluder

Best Personality: Clayton Hensley and Madison Hester

Most School Spirit: Andrew Robinson and Josie Azlin

Best All Around: Tripp Brackeen and Willow Upshur

Most Sophisticated Senior: Madison Hester

Jolliest Junior: Tripp Brackeen

Silliest Sophomore: Easton Lefler

Greenest Freshman: Mason Smith

Most Likely to Succeed: Mac Hamilton and Madison Hester

Mr and Miss Deer Creek: Bransen McCain and Ashlee Sluder