Deer Creek School participates in two ongoing fundraiser projects, Boxtops for Education and Funding Factory.  Both of these programs benefit non-profits by paying for Boxtops sent in and for used inkjet printer cartridges.   It is a simple way to make money for the school by submitting items you already purchase for your household.

The Boxtops for Education fall submission deadline is rapidly approaching.  We are asking all students to bring Boxtops to school by Oct. 25.  All Elementary students will bring home collection sheets this week. A downloadable form is also attached at the bottom of this page.  Please attach any Boxtops you have to the sheet with tape or glue.  Bonus Boxtop certificates should not be attached to collection sheets; they may be clipped to the paper or sent in an envelope.  Twice a year the PTA rewards the classes with the highest collection rate with an ice cream sundae party.

Funding Factory pays the school for used inkjet printer cartridges.  Please send them to school in a ziplock bag as they can get messy!  There is a collection box in the Teacher’s Lounge and the Computer Lab.  There is no specific submission date for cartridges, we just send them in as we get a box full.

Thank you in advance for your help with these projects!