K3/K4- Hadlee Lunsford, Ryder Smith, and Kruze Jackson

K5 – Mollie Claire Selman and Eli Jones

1st- Rylee Gilliland

2nd- Sydney Domino and Brycen Kellebrew

3rd- Maddie Thomas and Lando Sheffield

4th- Ann Marie Oakes and John Nerren

5th- Sami Shaifer and Aidan Duncan

6th- Gabriella Smith and Jack Gentry

7th- Lana Upshur and Brayden Smith

8th- Josi Azlin, Mattie Grace Arrington, and Reed Farmer

9th- Willow Upshur and Tripp Brackeen

10th- Ashlee Sluder and Steen Buchanan

11th- Hannah Holdiness and Ethan Allegrezza

12th- Mary Grace Hobart and Hayes Azlin