The following students were named in the DCS Who’s Who for the 2016-2017 school year:

Best Mannered:  Terrell Span and Lori Beth Lassett

Most Unpredictable:  Zach Sides and Lori Beth Lassett

Best Dressed:  Drew Rexrode and Alyssa Brown

Best Personality:  Bailey Verble and Ceysha Bunton

Cutest:  Kelby Ware, Ryan Lynchard, and Kaleigh Brown

Most Sophisticated Senior:  Hart Manus

Jollist Junior:  Lee Stiles

Silliest Sophomore: Preston Wicker

Greenest Freshman:  Mary Grace Hobart

Most Intellectual:  Hart Manus and Anne Bailey Peyton

Most Likely to Succeed:  Hart Manus and Anne Bailey Peyton

Biggest Flirt:  Zach Sides and Skylar Gentry

Most Athletic:  Terrell Span and Tyra Hudson

Wittiest:  Bailey Verble and Ceysha Bunton

Most School Spirit:  Zach Sides and Ceysha Bunton

Best All Around:  Terrell Span and Anne Bailey Peyton

Mr. and Mrs. Deer Creek School:  Ryan Lynchard and Anne Bailey Peyton